Triventy – Create Interactive Quiz Games to Play as a Group

Triventy is a free quiz game platform that I learned about from Larry Ferlazzo earlier this month. This morning was the first time I had a chance to actually test it out.

Triventy uses a concept that will be familiar to anyone who has tried Kahoot or Quizizz. To play a Triventy quiz game the teacher projects the game questions at the front of the room and students answer the questions on their mobile devices or laptops. Points are awarded for answering correctly. Bonus points are awarded for answering quickly. Students join the quiz game by going to and entering the game pin assigned to your game.

Creating a Triventy quiz is fairly straight-forward. You start by uploading a cover image. Then you can begin adding questions to your quiz. Questions are written in multiple choice format. You have the option of not awarding points for questions by selecting “survey question.” If you want to build hints and explanations for questions, Triventy has a field for that at the end of each question. Images can be uploaded for each question. You can mark your quiz as public or private. Public quizzes can be seen by other teachers who can use them and modify them within their own Triventy accounts.

Applications for Education
One of the neat features of Triventy for students is that they can ask for a hint or to have an answer choice eliminated. Students can also see an explanation of the answer to each question.

One of the drawbacks to Triventy is that there doesn’t appear to be a way to save quiz results. I also didn’t see a way to moderate names that students enter when they start to play a Triventy quiz game.


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