Pin Featured Posts in Blogger – Feature a Student Blogger

Last week I featured the image drag-and-drop aspect of Blogger. This morning I discovered another handy little feature that has been added to the Blogger platform. You can now select posts to be featured on the home page of your Blogger blog. To do this you simply have to select the featured posts gadget in your Blogger layout. Once you have added the featured posts gadget you can select a blog post to appear in the gadget. You can place the gadget at the top of any of the columns in your blog’s template.

Applications for Education
There are a couple of ways that the featured post gadget could be helpful to teachers. First, you could use gadget to display important reminders or other information that you want to make sure parents and students can see. Second, on a class blog you could have a “featured blogger of the week” and every week display a post from one student.


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