Flubaroo Now Lets You Share Graded Assignments Through Google Drive

Flubaroo is my favorite Google Sheets Add-on for grading quizzes developed and distributed through Google Forms. Flubaroo enables you to to grade all of your students’ quiz responses at once with just a few clicks. For quite a while Flubaroo has allowed you to email grades and answer keys to students after you complete the grading process. Now you can also share grades, your students’ answers, and the answer key with them through Google Drive. This is a great option for schools that use Google Apps for Education, but don’t have email enabled for students.

When you share grades and answer keys through Google Drive Flubaroo will create a folder in your Google Drive in which you will be able to see all of your students answers and grades. Students will receive individualized documents that contain their responses, their grades, and the answer key (you can choose to disable sharing the answer key). Click here to learn more about how to share grades from Flubaroo.

The latest update to Flubaroo includes a new option for printing grades. You can now choose “print grades” from the advanced menu in Flubaroo. Selecting “print grades” in Flubaroo will create a document in your Google Drive account. That document will contain each students’ answers and grade. A page-break will be included between each student’s name so that you can distribute a single, individualized page to each of your students. Click here to learn more about how to use this feature. It is important to note that the creation of the grade document is not instantaneous, it can take five minutes for the document to populate all of the requested information.


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