Easier File Search in Google Drive

Google Drive has always had a file search option, but it was kind of rough around the edges. Beginning this week you will notice a new file search option in your Google Drive account. The updated search tool in Google Drive will give you direct access to advanced search features. The advanced search features will let you refine your search by file type, date of file modification, who the file was shared with, and according to who shared a file with you. You can even search by email address to find a file that was shared with you.

The Google Drive mobile apps will offer the same search refinement options. Additionally, iOS users will be able to search for files without even opening the Drive app. iOS users can search for Google Drive files from the iOS search bar.

Applications for Education
These new search features should help students quickly locate files in their Google Drive accounts regardless of the devices that they use to access Google Drive. Searching for files by email address should be particularly useful to students who have a lot of collaborative files in their Google Drive accounts.


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