A Great List of Web Tools That Don’t Require Registration

One of the challenges of using web tools with students is getting through the registration and sign-in process. Fortunately, if you look around long enough you will find some good tools that don’t require registration. So that you don’t have to spend hours searching for registration-free web tools, Nathan Hall has put together a great list that you can consult. Nathan’s list is divided into eighteen categories. Some of the categories of most interest to teachers are online whiteboards, survey/ poll tools, chart/ graph tools, annotation tools, document creation tools, and photo & drawing tools. Within each category Nathan includes short descriptions of the tools along with a star rating for each tool.

Applications for Education
Using web tools that don’t require registration to use can save you and your students time as you can jump right into an activity without having to struggle with usernames and passwords. The downside to using registration-free web tools is that often you don’t have an option for saving your work other than downloading it directly to your computer or sharing it to another service like Evernote or Google Drive which do require registration.


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