Riddle Makes it Easier to Create Online Quizzes

Over the last year Riddle has become my favorite tool for creating online quizzes and polls outside of Google Forms. The latest update to Riddle makes it easier than ever before to quickly customize your quizzes. You can now simply drag and drop questions into order in your Riddle quiz editor. This makes it much easier to shuffle the order of questions so that you can give one version of a quiz to one group of students and give a different version of the quiz to another group of students.

Watch my video embedded below to learn more about how Riddle works.

Applications for Education
Riddle’s format of using images as response choices could make it a good option for giving informal quizzes on topics that require a lot of visuals. For example, a quiz on fractions might use pictures which represent various fractions. A quiz on art history might use Riddle to showcase works of art of answer choices.


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