Three Good Online Tools for Scheduling Meetings

Whether you’re scheduling a meeting with one person or five people, picking a meeting time that works for everyone can become a tedious exchange of emails. Fortunately, there are some good online tools that can help you streamline the process of setting meeting times.

YouCanBook.Me is a meeting scheduling tool that integrates with your Google Calendar and is easier to use than the appointment slots feature in Google Apps for Education calendars. YouCanBook.Me allows people to book fixed blocks of time in your calendar. You identify the times in your calendar that you are available to meet. Then when someone needs to schedule a meeting with you, you send him or her a link to your booking calendar. Visitors to your calendar click a block and enter their email addresses to reserve a block of your time. When a block of time is reserved you receive an email alert and the other person receives a confirmation email.

Doodle is a nice tool for scheduling group meetings based on the input from all group members. Doodle is essentially a polling platform. To use Doodle you create a meeting title, select a series of dates and times for a possible meeting, then invite people to choose the dates and times that work best for them. As the administrator of a scheduling poll you can set the final meeting time based on the most commonly selected date and time.

Calendly is another scheduling tool that integrates with your Google Calendar and can also integrate with Office 365.  Calendly makes it easy to create appointment slots with just a click or two. More importantly, people who want to schedule an appointment with you just have to click a time on your calendar and enter their names in order to reserve an appointment. Visitors who make appointments with you through Calendly can sync their appointments to their own Google Calendars, iCal, or Outlook calendars.


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