Historypin Launches a New Design and New Features

Historypin is a great place to find geo-located historical imagery. Historypin allows users to place historical images within the setting of current Google Maps Streetview imagery. Recently, Historypin launched a new design and new features for users.

Historypin now has a feature called Collections which allows you to create a collection of pins and have anyone else can add to it. If you’re an existing user of Historypin, all of your pins are now in a collection named after you. New users will have collections based on their names until they rename the collections and or create new collections.

Historypin’s other big update deals with the content that you can add to your collections. In the past you could add pictures and videos. Now you can add simple text pins too.

Learn more about the new version of Historypin in the video below.

Applications for Education
Your students could contribute to an existing Historypin collection or create collections of their own. Your students could create a Historypin collection of their own by going to your local history society, scanning historical images, and placing them into a map


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