MoocNote – Add Timestamped Questions and Comments to Videos

MoocNote is a free tool for adding timestamped comments, questions, and links to videos. To do this on MoocNote you simply paste a link to a YouTube video into the MoocNote editor. Once the video is imported you can start to add your comments, questions, and links. The link features is particularly useful for providing students with additional resources for learning about the topics covered in your shared videos. MoocNote allows you to organize playlists (MoocNote calls them courses) of videos according to topics that you identify.

Applications for Education
MoocNote could be a good tool for high school teachers who want to organize playlists of videos for their students and add some clarifying information to those videos. You could also have students use MoocNote to annotate videos to demonstrate an understanding of the topic at hand.

One of the drawbacks to MoocNote is that it can only be used by people who have registered on the site with an email address. Even if you just want students to view the notes you’ve added to a video, they will have to create MoocNote accounts.


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