How to Create Custom, Multimedia Maps on Scribble Maps – No Account Required

Scribble Maps is a free tool for creating custom, multimedia maps online. Scribble Maps allows you to create your maps without creating an account on the site which makes it a good option for students who don’t have email addresses or for any setting in which you don’t want to make students go through yet another account creation process.

Scribble Maps provides a variety of base layer maps on which you can draw freehand, add placemarks, add image overlays, and type across the map. Compared to creating a custom map on Google Maps, Scribble Maps is much easier for students to learn how to use. Scribble Maps also provides far more default placemark icons than Google’s My Maps tool. Scribble Maps will work in the web browser on your laptop, Chromebook, iPad, or Android tablet. In the video embedded below I provide an overview of how to use Scribble Maps.

Applications for Education
Scribble Maps could be the ideal mapping tool to use in social studies classes when you want students to identify natural and man-made landmarks. They can use the drawing tools to circle the landmarks then use the placemark tools to write about the landmarks. For example, you could give students a list of ten landmarks to identify then have them use the numbered placemark icons to identify and write about those landmarks. The drawing tools will help students make their placemarks standout.


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