Email Etiquette Tips for Students and Teachers

A lot of us have “love-hate” relationships with our email inboxes. On one hand email can be an efficient way to communicate. On the other hand we find ourselves overwhelmed by a stream of incoming messages. That stream of incoming messages gets more frustrating when you find many of the messages don’t follow proper etiquette like addressing you by name. For years I’ve told students that they are much more likely to get a response from their recipient (particular adult recipients) if they address the person by name rather than just launching into a request. The following video outlines five email etiquette tips for students.

The video below from Entrepreneur provides some good tips and reminders that adults can use in the workplace. They are also tips that high school students should be learning as soon as possible.

Applications for Education

Building good email etiquette habits is a life-long skill that students will need regardless of what they’re planning to do after high school. These videos don’t address every quirk of email communication, but they provide a good primer on the topic. I’d consider adding one or both of these videos to a “useful resources” page on a school, library, or classroom website.


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