An Easy Way to Add To-do Lists to Google Calendar

HashtagTodo is a neat service that enables you to quickly create to-do lists in your Google Calendars. With HashtagTodo enabled in your Google Account you can create a to-do list in any of your Google Calendars by simply adding #todo to the end of any calendar event title. Once you’ve added the #todo to your event HashtagTodo will create a daily event listing all of your to-do items for the day. When you’ve completed a task on your to-do list, delete it from your calendar and it’s deleted from your list. If you don’t complete an item on your list for the day, it is automatically rolled over to the next day.

Applications for Education
For students who are already using Google Calendar to keep track of their schedules, HashtagTodo could be a great addition to their calendars. HashtagTodo will display students’ to-do lists to them whether they use the Google Calendar mobile apps or the desktop version of Google Calendar.

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H/T to Lifehacker


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