Share What’s Obvious…It Might Not Be Obvious to Everyone

This afternoon I was talking with someone who said that she wants to write more blog posts but feels like “everything I’ve written has been said already.” I hear that a lot from new bloggers. My response is often based in the advice of Derek Sivers who says that “what’s obvious to you, might be amazing to someone else.” For a full explanation of this idea, watch the short video embedded below.

Applications for Education
This message needs to be shared with our students too. One of the ways you can do this is by having students write a weekly reflective blog post. They don’t have to write complex blog posts, just a short summary of their learning and observations that week will do. In this way students can learn from each other. Even if they don’t pick up anything brand new from this process, they will at least be reminding each other of what they have learned that week.


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