Create a Random Name Selector in Google Sheets

Last year I demonstrated how to create a Jeopardy-style game in Google Sheets. Then in February I published a tutorial on creating flashcards in Google Sheets. In both of those tutorials I utilized templates from Recently, published a new template that can be used to create a random name picker in Google Sheets.

To create a random name picker from a Google Sheet simply use the template provided by Flippity and modify the spreadsheet to include the names of your students instead of the placeholder names in the template sheet. After modifying the template publish your new spreadsheet to the web, grab the Sheet’s URL, and place that URL into the Flippity name picker. Step-by-step directions are available on the Flippity website.

Applications for Education
A random name picker created through Flippity can be used for more than just picking a single name at random. It can also be used to randomly create student groups of two to six members. You can also use the random name picker to generate seating charts.


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