Move Your Body, Move Your Mind

Whether you’re trying to come up with new lesson plan ideas or new blog post ideas, at some point we all feel our creative energy sag. One of the ways that I get my creative juices flowing again is to go for a long walk, a hike, a bike ride, or paddle down a river. I emphasize long because a quick 15 minute lunch time walk doesn’t do it. I have to get outside for an extended time, at least an hour, to let my mind really wander. When my mind wanders it can come up with some interesting ideas.

You might be saying, “Richard, I hate running and biking.” That’s okay. The important thing is to get outside away from your desk and without your cell phone. If you feel you must take your cell phone for emergency purposes, do so but turn off the ringer and resist the temptation to check Facebook/ Instagram/ Twitter/ Email. Even just strolling around a park for an hour can do wonders for your mood and your creativity.

The next time you feel your creativity waning, try moving your body and you’ll find you’re mind moving too.

This is one of the methods that I’ve used for years to keep my blog posts flowing. I’ll be sharing more ideas and methods like this one in Blogger Jumpstart later this week. 


Thank You Readers for 14 Amazing Years!