Remind’s Chat Feature Is Now Open to Everyone

Back in March I wrote about Remind (formerly Remind 101) adding a chat feature to their free mobile messaging service. That service initially launched in a private beta. Remind’s chat feature is now available to all users.

Remind chat allows students and parents to reply with text to a teacher’s messages. Just as Remind has always done, the real phone numbers of both parties is hidden. When I first heard about Remind chat I was leery of it because I was concerned that students and parents would be messaging teachers at all hours of the day and expecting rapid responses. Remind alleviated that concern when I saw the “office hours” setting in the Remind chat service. “Office hours” allows teachers to specify when they will allow them to state when they will be available for messaging. Teachers can also pause or stop chat exchanges at any time.

Applications for Education
The chat feature is one that Remind says has been requested by a lot of teachers. The feature should make it easier for you to quickly bring clarity to a message that a student or parent didn’t initially understand. Before using the new chat feature I would set office hours and clear guidelines for the kind of conversations that you will have with students and parents through the Remind chat feature.


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