Now You Can Embed HSTRY Multimedia Timelines Into Your Blog

HSTRY is a great multimedia timeline creation tool that I have been raving about since it launched to the public last fall. There are two features of HSTRY that make it stand-out from the crowd. First, as a teacher you can create an online classroom in which you can view all of your students’ timelines. Second, as a teacher you can build questions into timelines that you share with your students. You can even build-in explanations of the answers to your questions.

This morning an email from HSTRY’s marketing department contained the news that you can now embed timelines into your blog or website. To do this you will have to make your timeline public. Any public timeline can be embedded. To embed a timeline into your blog just copy the embed code provided in the upper, right corner of the public timeline that you’re viewing. Then paste that code into your blog post just like you would do if you were embedding a YouTube video.

Applications for Education

While this isn’t a major update to HSTRY it is a convenient update. Embedding timelines could make it easier for students to include them in their digital portfolios. It also makes it easier for you to share review material with your students.


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