Is Your Blog Mobile-Friendly? Here’s How to Check – And Why It Matters

Last month Google announced that they were going to start favoring mobile-friendly blogs and sites in search rankings. This makes sense when you consider how much web traffic flows through mobile devices today. For example, 23% of traffic to came from mobile devices this week. And nearly all of that traffic was caused by mobile referrals from Facebook and Pinterest.

What does this mean for your school blog or website?
If you’re trying to get parents and students in the habit of checking your blog regularly, they’re probably going to have moments when they’re searching for the blog rather than entering the URL directly. Being mobile-friendly could help them find it.

Being mobile-friendly also means that students and parents accessing your blog on their mobile devices will have an easier time reading your posts. In turn that could help them stay on the blog longer and come back it to more frequently.

How to check if your blog is mobile-friendly.
Google provides a free tool for checking whether or not your blog is mobile-friendly. Simply enter your blog’s URL into the mobile-friendly test and Google will analyze it for you. It takes just a minute for the test to run.

How to adjust your blog if it is not mobile-friendly. 
If Google deems your blog as not mobile-friendly the test page will offer suggestions on how to adjust your blog to become mobile-friendly. On WordPress-powered blogs you can use the Jetpack plug-in to enable automatic conversion of your blog to mobile-friendly formatting (it won’t change the way your blog looks on a laptop, only on a mobile device). If your blog is on  Blogger simply go into the layout option and open the preferences under “mobile” and enable mobile layout.


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