How to Create a 3D Gallery of Images and Videos

Russel Tarr at has come up with another neat tool for students. The Classtools 3D Gallery Generator enables students to create a virtual 3D gallery of images and videos. Each gallery can have up to ten images and or videos. Below each image or video students can insert captions to provide explanations of the significance of the visuals in their galleries. In the video embedded below I provide a demonstration of how to use the 3D Gallery Generator.

Applications for Education
As is demonstrated by the sample, the 3D Gallery Generator can be a good way for students to organize a small presentation about topics they have researched.

The Classtools 3D Gallery Generator could also provide a good way for students to create a fiction story. They could use the 3D Gallery Generator as a storyboard tool in which they upload pictures that they want to use in writing their stories through the captions below each image.


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