Flip Your Phone for Better Videos and Pictures

Last weekend I saw Billy Joel perform in Madison Square Garden. Throughout his show I saw hundreds of people holding their phones to take pictures as you see in my picture to the left. I fought the urge to tell those people to flip their phones 90 degrees. If you want to create video clips or pictures that are easy to view, you should hold your phone in a landscape orientation. That’s why those annoying selfie sticks cradle phones in the landscape orientation.

Check out the videos embedded below to learn more about creating better videos.

In the video below WeVideo offers three key tips for shooting better videos.

The Vimeo Video School offers more than five dozen videos about creating better videos. Two of their videos are embedded below.

Quick Focusing Tips from Vimeo Video School on Vimeo.

Zoom vs. Moving Camera from Vimeo Video School on Vimeo.

The TED Blog offers a list of ten tips for editing video. The tips focus on when and where to cut videos for creating the smoothest video you can. Each tip is accompanied by “before” and “after” samples.

Applications for Education
The next time your students are about to embark on a video project for your class, share a few of these simple tips with them and you’ll all be happy with the improved results. Having raw videos and pictures in the right orientation and zoom level will make editing the final project a lot easier for everyone.


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