The Black Death In 90 Seconds – Three Years Later

Almost three years ago now my friend Rushton Hurley sent me an email about a video that had recently been uploaded to his video sharing site Next Vista for Learning. That video was The Black Death in 90 Seconds. Since the day that Rushton emailed me I have had the video bookmarked and I frequently show it when I conduct workshops about making and using videos in the classroom.

The Black Death in 90 Seconds is a great example of teaching a lesson in a concise and engaging format. Anyone who has access to iMovie, WeVideo, or Windows Movie maker could create a similar video that is equally as entertaining and informative as The Black Death in 90 Seconds. I show the video to demonstrate that video lessons don’t have to be boring and don’t have to have a lot of high-end editing in order to be effective.


Thank You Readers for 14 Amazing Years!