Learn to Read by Writing with WriteReader

This is a guest post from Sabba Quidwai (@AskMsQ) of EdTechTeacher – an advertiser on this site.

Learning to read and write don’t have to be independent tasks with a new app called WriteReader, a literacy based learning platform where children from the age of three can create or participate in creating their own books.

WriteReader begins by having students create a book and is designed for children to work with adults. The keyboard is specially designed to speak the sound of the letters as they are being typed.


WriteReader Keyboard

To further support children, vowels are outlined in blue and consonants are outlined in red. The book has a pre-set template for children to add in images and text as well as adjust the colors.  Students complete the story by writing in their own words. Below what the child has written is a space for the adult to make corrections.  When the child compares his/her writing with the adult’s, then they begin to observe, assimilate and learn words.

WriteReader aligns with Common Core Standards K-5, and you can click here to learn more.


Once a child has written a word, there is an audio button that allows the child to hear the word being pronounced.  Furthermore, the app has a record-and-play function that can help the child listen and remember the pronunciation of the word allowing them by the end to have created an audio version of their story that can be played back anytime.  The app also has a place for students to insert images into their story. They can directly open the camera from the app or choose an existing photo from their library.

Above all, WriteReader allows children to become their own author and to publish their work from an early age.  Books created by the children can be printed, e-mailed and posted to social media directly from the app, allowing young children to have an authentic audience to share their work. You can view the many books children have published using WriteReader here.

You can learn more from Sabba this summer! She will be leading hands-on workshops for EdTechTeacher in Los Angeles and the San Francisco Bay Area.



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