iStoryBooks Now Offers Premium Books for Free to Teachers

iStoryBooks is a good service that for the last few years has offered classic children’s books for free through their iPad and Android apps. Today, I received an email from their PR department in which they announced that now all of the books in the apps will be free to teachers. Directions for getting a free premium subscription are copied below.

To request a free subscription, teachers need only contact iMarvel, the app’s developers. This can be done by visiting and clicking the “contact us” link on the web page. Teachers are asked to include promotion code TCH0315 in the message. They will then be contacted with further instructions to finalize the subscription. Free subscriptions are currently being offered for any interested teacher but, the offer is subject to change at any time without notice. The free subscription provides access to the complete collection of eBooks including 55 premium content books that normally costs $0.99 monthly.

Applications for Education
The iStoryBooks iPad app and Android app gives students the option to read each story on their own or to read along with each story while listening to the narrator. If you have or teach children under eight, iStoryBooks could be a great app to install on your iPad or Android-powered tablets. Children can practice reading and recognizing words by going through the stories with the narration turned on. Or you can turn the narration off and read the stories with your child or student.


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