In Pieces – An Interactive Site About Endangered Animals

In Pieces is a neat site that features the stories of 30 endangered animals around the world. Visit the site and you will be greeted by a little animation that comes together to form the shape of a whale. After the animation plays click through to see the stories of the 30 animals featured in the site. Each animal’s story is told with text, images, and video. You’ll learn about the threats to each animal, its native habit, and efforts to save each animal.

Applications for Education
In Pieces reminded me a bit of the WWF Together app. Both In Pieces and WWF Together provide visually appealing ways for students to learn about the threats to animal populations around the world.

After learning about the animals in the site and app I might have students conduct their own research about endangered animals then put together visual reports about those animals. I would consider having students use Pic-Collage and Thinglink to make their own interactive displays about endangered animals. Tutorials for that process can be found here.

H/T to The Next Web for In Pieces. 


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