A Google Map of Freshwater Biomes

My Reading Mapped is a good source of Google Maps depicting patterns and historical events. This afternoon the Google Earth Blog posted a list of some of the new maps added to My Reading Mapped. One of the maps that stood out to me was this map of freshwater biomes around the world.

Google Map of Freshwater Biomes contains roughly fifty placemarks scattered across all seven continents. Clicking a placemark will open a short piece of text about the biome that the placemark represents. Many of the placemarks include references to Wikipedia while others utilize other sources.

Applications for Education
On My Reading Mapped you can download a copy of the Google Map of Freshwater Biomes. The information in many of the placemarks is brief so I might download it and ask students to modify it to include more information, perhaps in the form of videos, to the placemarks in the map.


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