PrepFactory – Free Online SAT and ACT Practice Exercises

PrepFactory is a relatively new service that offers online SAT and ACT practice exercises. To get started on PrepFactory students choose the test that they are preparing to take (they can change their choices at any time) then take a short guided tour of the service. After taking the tour students complete a ten question quiz intended to give them a sense of what they need to work on. Upon completion of their first quiz students can choose to review their answers with the help of PrepFactory, take another quiz, or watch a video about test-taking skills.

Applications for Education
I am not an advocate for standardized tests like the SAT and ACT, but I realize that they are still tests that many students have to take. PrepFactory could be a good service to help students prepare for the ACT or SAT.

Students can log into PrepFactory by using a Google account or a Facebook account.


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