Vocabulist Helps Students Create Study Aids

This morning I received an email from Ahan Malhotra. Ahan is a high school student in Florida who developed Vocabulist to help other students create digital and physical flashcards. Vocabulist enables students to upload a list of words and terms that they need to learn. When the list is uploaded each word in it is matched to a definition. If the definition rendered isn’t exactly right, students can modify it within Vocabulist. Once the list of words and definitions is set students can download the list as a PDF or export the list to Quizlet where it will then be turned into a set of digital flashcards. (Students must have a Quizlet account).

Applications for Education
Vocabulist could be a nice aid to students when they need to learn a set of definitions. The Quizlet integration is a nice feature as it will allow students who use Vocabulist to put their flashcards on their mobile devices.

 I encourage you to read Ahan’s story about why and how he developed Vocabulist.


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