Remind Launches Support for Spanish in Their Mobile Apps

Remind, the popular text messaging service for teachers, has just announced that they are now supporting Spanish in their free mobile apps. To use Remind in Spanish download the app then make sure that your iPhone or Android phone settings are set to Spanish.

I emailed Remind’s CEO Brett Kopf to ask if teachers would have to install the app twice or send messages twice in order to reach students and parents in Spanish. Here’s what he had to say,

“No, bilingual teachers don’t have to use a separate Spanish app to send messages to students/parents in Spanish. They can type in Spanish, just as I am now: “Me lla mo Brett” (My name is Brett). The new version has a user interface that is 100% in Spanish — no translation needed. This helps bilingual teachers bridge a challenging language gap and communicate more effectively with students/parents who are not as fluent.”

Applications for Education
Anytime that you can engage with more students and more parents, it’s a good thing. This update to Remind’s mobile apps will help teachers keep more parents informed about the good things happening in their classrooms.


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