How to Assign and Manage Group Writing Projects Through ProjectWriter

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Last month when I met with the founders of BoomWriter they gave me a preview of their new service called ProjectWriter. I teased it a bit last month. Today, ProjectWriter went live for everyone to use.

Through Project Writer you can create writing assignments for students to complete in groups that you organize. Students log into their BoomWriter accounts (you can manage those accounts) and select the ProjectWriter tab to see their group and the assignment. You can include a list of key terms that you want students to include in their writing assignments. The sample project that I developed has key terms that I want students to use in their essays about causes of the Civil War. Ken Haynes, BoomWriter’s COO and a former middle school teacher, showed me a sample science writing project in which he asked students to include key vocabulary about the water cycle.

One of the nice things about ProjectWriter and BoomWriter is that your students do not need to have email accounts in order to use the services. As a teacher you can create and manage your students’ accounts.

In the video embedded below I provide an overview of how to create a project in ProjectWriter.

The video above was added to my playlist of more than 40 practical ed tech tips.


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