ClassResponder – Real Time Student Response System

ClassResponder is a service that provides a nice way for teachers to distribute quizzes to students and gather results as soon as students answer the quiz questions. ClassResponder can be used through your web browser or through their free iPad apps. There is an app for teachers and an app for students. Students don’t have to create accounts to participate. Students simply enter your classroom code to join your ClassResponder activities.

ClassResponder offers pre-made quizzes that teachers can use. The quizzes are designed for elementary school students. The pre-made quizzes are aligned to ELA Common Core standards. You don’t have to use ClassResponder’s pre-made quizzes. You can create your own multiple choice, true/false, and short answer quizzes in your ClassResponder account.

Applications for Education
ClassResponder, like other student response systems, could provide a good way to deliver short review quizzes to your students. You can use the service to make quizzes to use at the end of a lesson to quickly check for your students’ understanding of your lesson’s main points. You can turn on ClassResponder’s instant feedback option for your students so that they don’t have to wait until everyone is done before they see their own scores.


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