Blogs and Social Media for Teachers and School Leaders – A Practical Ed Tech Webinar Series

Now available with graduate credit!

In January I am again offering my popular series of webinars about blogs and social media for teachers and school leaders. If you have been thinking about starting a blog or revitalizing a blog, this course is for you. If you have been wondering how you can use Twitter, Google+, and other social networks professionally, then this course is for you too. And if you have tried blogging and social media in the past, but just didn’t get into it, Blogs and Social Media for Teachers and School Leaders is the course for you.

Blogs and Social Media for Teachers and School Leaders is designed to help teachers and school leaders develop an understanding of the many ways they can use blogs and social media (Twitter, Google+, Instagram, and more) to enhance communication between school and home. After learning about how each of the tools works we’ll dive into developing strategies for implementation.

Blogs and Social Media for Teachers and School Leaders is a five week webinar series during which teachers and school administrators will learn the how to choose the best blogging platform for their situations, how to set-up a blog for classroom and school-wide use, and learn about strategies on how to manage blogs in classroom and school-wide settings. Participants will also learn how to avoid the mistakes that often lead to blogging endeavors being abandoned. After establishing blogs we’ll jump into using social networks like Twitter, Google+, and Instagram to reach out to parents, students, and other community members.

Course Dates:
Blogs and Social Media for Teachers and School Leaders will meet at 7pm Eastern Time on January 6, 13, 20, 27, and February 3, 2015. All sessions are recorded for participants to watch as many times as they like.

Graduate Credit Option!

Three graduate credits are available for the course through my partnership Midwest Teachers Institute and Calumet College of St. Joseph. Graduate credits require an additional fee and completion of weekly assignments. To register for the graduate credit option you must first register for the course here then click here to register for the graduate credit.


This webinar series costs $147 per person.

Participants receive:

  • Five hours of live instruction with Q&A opportunities.
  • Access to recordings of each session (recordings can be downloaded for unlimited personal use).
  • Digital hand-outs to download and re-use for personal use as well as re-use within their school districts.
  • A dedicated discussion forum to access throughout the three week course.
  • Certificate of completion.
  • Three graduate credits (optional, separate fee required)

Course Dates:
The live webinar sessions will be held at 7pm Eastern Time on January 6, 13, 20, 27, and February 3, 2015.

Nice Things People Have Said About My Webinars and Presentations:
I am finding your GAFE webinar so helpful!! 
K. Sloan

Your keynotes were spot on and your professionalism was extremely appreciated.

Lindsay Bellino, Director of Online Communities, Pearson OLE

Your keynote was excellent and set a great tone for the whole conference.  

Gary Seastrand, Brigham Young University

Again, thank you very much for this wonderful course. I will have to train teachers in the coming year and this will be very useful.It was a very enjoyable experience and I will be on the look for more training opportunities from you.
S. Landete
About the costs and my decision to advertise these opportunities on my blog:
Sometimes when I advertise one of these webinars I get messages from people who are upset that I am advertising it here and or that I am charging for it. I understand why some people feel that way. I thought long and hard about how to offer these opportunities. In fact, I thought about it and talked about it with trusted advisors for a year before offering the first webinar series last year. The purpose of this blog and my goal for years has always been to help people use free technology in their classrooms. The tools and strategies featured in my webinars and at the Practical Ed Tech Summer Camp are free to use. However, my time for teaching isn’t free. Further, I pay licensing fees to GoToTraining and to Wistia for hosting all of the media content of the courses.

Thank You Readers for 14 Amazing Years!