OpenEd Launches a New Site for Finding and Sharing Lesson Materials

OpenEd is a service that has offers a huge catalog of educational videos, games, and practice assessments that you can browse by topic, grade level, or Common Core standard. The service allows teachers to create collections of resources that they share with their students in an online classroom. This week OpenEd released a new beta version of their service.

The beta version of OpenEd includes a selection of pre-built lesson plans full of videos, games, and quizzes for grades 6 through 12 for math and Language Arts. When you create a class on the beta version of OpenEd you will asked to select a grade and the standards that your course addresses. If your selections are math or language arts standards for students in grades six through twelve, you will see the pre-built lessons immediately appear in your OpenEd classroom. You can remove the pre-built lessons and or add more content to them.

Applications for Education
My favorite aspect of is still its search tool. Rather than searching and hoping to find a video on YouTube that matches the standard(s) you’re addressing in a lesson, you can start with the standard and have OpenEd locate videos for you.


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