Use This Interactive Map to Discover Artifacts Used in Ken Burns Productions

On Sunday evening I found myself immersed in watching the new Ken Burns series The Roosevelts (the episodes are available online until September 28th). Watching the series launched me into a search to find more Ken Burns materials online.

On the Ken Burns America website there is an interactive map and timeline featuring images, videos, and audio files that have been included in various programs produced by Ken Burns. You can filter the display according to media type, era, theme, location, and Ken Burns film title.

Applications for Education
Most of videos and images that you find through the Ken Burns America interactive map include a link to related lesson plans. You can also just jump to the classroom resources page to find lesson plans.

If you don’t need a full lesson plan, but want a to find a short video clip or a visual aid, then you may find the interactive map on Ken Burns America to be handy.


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