Send Reminders to Parents and Students Through Class Messenger

Class Messenger is Scholastic’s attempt to get in on the teacher to parent and teacher to student messaging market. Class Messenger offers free iPhone and Android apps that allow teachers to send messages to parents and students on a group or individual basis. Class Messenger allows you to send text and picture messages. Students and their parents can reply to your messages without seeing your personal phone number. Likewise, you don’t see personal phone numbers of your students.

Class Messenger categorizes messages within the app. There are categories for homework assignments, general reminders, surveys, and volunteer requests.

One of the aspects of Class Messenger that I appreciate is that when you register for an account on Class Messenger there are demo classes already made for you to use to explore the app. The demo classes eliminate the worry of accidentally sending messages before you completely understand how the app works.

Class Messenger doesn’t have to be used on an iOS or Android device. It is possible to use the service through the Class Messenger website.

Applications for Education
The Class Messenger service could be a great tool for keeping parents informed about what is happening in your classroom as well as helping to keep students on track. The service could be good for sending reminders to all parents about things like due dates for paperwork or homework that their children need to complete.

The survey aspect of Class Messenger could be handy for gathering responses from students on quiz review questions.


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