Reminder – You Can Now Use Class Codes to Have Students Join Wikispaces

I shared this news in early July yet I forgot to include it in my round-up of updates to popular ed tech tools. This summer Wikispaces added a feature that teachers have wanted for a long time, class codes.

You can now have your students join a wiki by entering a Wikispaces “join code.” You can create a join code by clicking on “members” in the admin view of your wiki. After clicking “members” you can select “create join code.”

Give your students the join code for a wiki and they can use it to join your wiki without the need for you to approve memberships. To be clear, students will still need to have Wikispaces accounts in order to participate in your wiki.

The join codes that you create for your Wikispaces wikis are valid for one week. After one week you will have to generate a new code. You can also disable codes early if all of your students join before the week is up.

Click here for a complete set of directions, with screenshots, for creating Wikispaces join codes.


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