Gooru Leaves Beta and Adds New Features

Gooru is a nice service for creating and sharing collections of educational videos, images, and texts. The service recently dropped the “beta” label and added some new features for teachers.

Gooru’s Class Reports tool for teachers has been updated to give teachers more ways to monitor their students’ progress as they work through collections of resources and quizzes. Teachers can now choose between three reports options. Scored Questions will reveal students’ responses on multiple choice and true/ false items. Open-Ended Questions will show students’ written responses and provide a place for teachers to give students direct feedback. Collection Breakdown shows teachers the time spent on a collection and class averages.

Gooru has added new collections of content created by partner organizations and schools. Two of the collections that I like are the National Geographic resources and the Next Gen Personal Finance resources.

Applications for Education
If you haven’t seen Gooru before its biggest appeal is in the ease with which you can create collections of videos, images, and interactive websites to use as part of a flipped lesson. Being able to add quiz questions for students to answer as they go through one of the units you’ve created is the feature of Gooru that I like best. By having students answer as they go through the collection I can get a sense of what I need to spend more or less time covering in my classroom.


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