Don’t Forget the Music – The Difference Music Makes In a Video

Don’t Forget the Music is the title one of the finalists in Next Vista’s latest video production contest. In the video Josh Wanner explains why music choice matters in a video production. To demonstrate his points Wanner plays the same video clip with three different music tracks in the background. The video is embedded below (jump to the one minute mark if you just want to see the demonstration).

Don’t Forget the Music was created by using WeVideo and all of the music in the video is from WeVideo’s audio library.

Applications for Education
When Animoto launched back in 2008 I had students create short videos to insert into a wiki about U.S. Presidents that they were building. It quickly became apparent that we were going to have to have a discussion about soundtrack choices. Josh Wanner’s demonstrations in Don’t Forget the Music would have been a great asset to me during the conversation with my students.


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