Common Core Quest Expands to Cover All Common Core Math & Language Arts Standards

A couple of weeks ago I review‘s new iPad and Android app Common Core Quest. At that time the app did not offer practice quizzes and review materials for all math and language arts standards. This morning I received the news that it now covers all of those standards.

The free Common Core Quest app gives students access to hundreds of practice quizzes aligned to Common Core standards in math and language arts. Before and after taking a quiz students can watch short video lessons that address the skills needed to master the standards contained in the quizzes.

To use Common Core Quest a student selects his or her grade then selects the math or language arts standards he or she is working toward mastering. (Teachers will probably have to provide directions to students and their parents as to which standards they should be working toward). The student will earn digital badges when he or she shows mastery of a standard through quiz scores.

Click here for the iPad version. Click here for the Android version.


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