Buying a Chromebook? Check This Comparison Chart First

I’ve worked with many schools that have made the choice to purchase Chromebooks for their 1:1 programs. When Chromebooks first hit the market your choices were limited, now there are at least nine manufacturers offering Chromebooks in a variety of configurations. Whether you’re considering buying a Chromebook for yourself or you’re considering buying hundreds of them for your school, check the comparison chart created by Danny Tuppeny.

Mr. Tuppeny’s Chromebook Comparison Chart allows you choose five variables of Chromebook comparison. Those variables are manufacturer, processor, screen size, availability within a country (US, UK, and Canada only at this point), and specs & features (amount of Ram, touchscreen, SSD). After choosing your variables you will be shown the Chromebook model(s) that meet your desires.

H/T to LifeHacker.


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