Audioboo Is Now Called audioBoom – Still the Same Great Service

The popular audio recording service Audioboo announced today that they will now be called audioBoom. You do not need to create a new account in order to continue using the service. Just as before you can create audio recordings and match them to pictures online or through the audioBoom Android and iOS apps.

Applications for Education
The audioBoom education section is full of great examples of using the service in classrooms.

One of the ways that I’ve suggested using Audioboo in the past is to have students use the mobile app to create short podcasts while on a field trip. The same can be done with the newly rebranded audioBoom.

Students can use the online version of audioBoom to create short recordings in which they explain the focal point of a picture that they have taken.

audioBoom recordings can also be inserted into ThingLink image projects.


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