Sikorsky Hosts a Helicopter Design Contest for Kids

For the fourth year in a row Sikorsky is hosting a helicopter design contest for kids between nine and sixteen years old. The contest started on June 1 and runs through September 30, 2014. Contestants will design a helicopter that addresses the potential challenges of 2050 and plan for how their helicopters of the Future would overcome those challenges.

The Helicopter 2050 Challenge asks students to design the helicopter of the future. Submissions are judged based on uniqueness of concept, description of the idea, and the potential of the design to overcome challenges. The winning design receives a scholarship from Sikorksy and a trip to Sikorsky headquarters.

Sikorsky has put together a nice brainstorming page to help students develop ideas for their helicopter designs. For schools and museums Sikorsky has a digital binder of activities designed around the Helicopter 2050 contest. Included in both the digital binder and the brainstorming pages is this timeline of Sikorsky helicopter development.


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