The Science of Bicycling and How to Wear a Helmet

The summer is a great time for kids and adults to get outside an ride a bicycle. Even though I don’t do jumps and tricks like I did as a kid, I still love to ride my mountain bike. I’m sure that you have students that enjoy bicycling riding too. Here are a couple of good lesson resources to connect to your students’ interest in bicycle riding.

The Science Behind the Bike is a four part video series from The Open University. The series has a total running length of 33 minutes and is a complement to a larger Open Learn course called The Science Behind Wheeled Sports. The videos and the course are designed to help students understand the physics, the physiology,  and the technology that influence the outcome of cycling events.

The Brain Injury Alliance of Kentucky offers some good resources about brain injury prevention. One of those resources is a short animated video designed to teach students about the need for wearing a helmet and how to wear helmets when biking or skateboarding. In the video students learn how to pick a helmet and how to properly fit a helmet. Watch the two minute video below.


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