Populr – Create Stylish PDFs from Elements of Your Digital Portfolio

Earlier this week I included Populr in my list of five good ways for students to showcase their best work. Populr is a service for creating simple webpages to showcase an example or two of your best work. On Populr you can quickly create a stylish webpage with pictures, text, and document uploads. Yesterday, I learned that Populr now offers of the option to export your webpage as a PDF while retaining all of the formatting that you see online. To use the PDF export option simply click the “PDF” icon while logged-in and viewing your Populr page.

Applications for Education
For students or teachers who want to be able to present a physical “highlight sheet” when someone asks for paper resume, Populr could be a good resource to have at their disposal. Populr offers the best of both worlds in terms of creating an online resume and a physical resume.

Visual CV is a similar resource that you might also want to try.


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