Explore Design Projects for Students in Autodesk’s Digital STEAM Workshop

Autodesk’s Digital STEAM Workshop is your one-stop shop for design projects ideas and free design software for your classroom. Through the Autodesk Digital STEAM Workshop educators can receive access to eleven of Autodesk’s design programs including some programs that would cost your hundreds of dollars to license if you were not an educator. Some of the impressive software that you can access includes Autodesk Inventor, Autodesk 3ds Max, Autodesk Maya, and Autodesk AutoCAD.

Take a look at the projects section of the Autodesk Digital STEAM Workshop to explore the possibilities for using Autodesk’s design programs in your classroom. You can explore the possibilities by selecting a design tool, a subject, a skill level, and the length of time you have to dedicate to a classroom project. When you select a project you will be taken to a page containing the steps you and your students need to take in order to complete your chosen project.

Autodesk offers a self-guided ecourse to help teachers get a better sense of how Autodesk’s software can be used in math, science, and engineering lessons. The course is divided into three sections; Getting creative with Digital STEAM, Defining your student design challenge, and Enhancing teacher software skills.


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