Critter Cams Provide Students With an Opportunity to See Wildlife Live

It has been a long winter here in Maine, but soon we will start to hear spring peepers in the evening. That sound is a sure sign that other animals are coming out of hibernation and new animals are being born. If you would like your students to see some baby animals in action, take a look at the Wildlife Center of Virginia’s Critter Cams. Critter Cams offers live look-ins at black bear yearlings, horned owls, and a bald eagle.

Another opportunity to view live webcams of animals is found through the National Zoo app for Windows 8. The National Zoo app features live webcam feeds of panda bears, lions and their cubs, tigers, cheetahs, and fish. Because these are live webcams sometimes you’ll see the animals and sometimes you won’t. If the webcam feed isn’t showing the animals when you’re viewing it you can switch to the gallery of still imagery. and Wild Earth offer live webcam feeds featuring animals in nature. Both of those resources are included in 7 Sites for Helping Students Learn About Wildlife.


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