The Global Screencasting Project with Explain Everything & Knowmia Teach

This is a guest post from Greg Kulowiec of, an advertiser on Free Technology for Teachers. 

One of the most powerful capabilities of iPads is the capacity to collaborate asynchronously on multimedia creations. By combining a creation tool (Explain Everything) and a collaboration tool (Google Drive), students and educators across the country – and world – have the ability to create, share, combine, and publish collaborative projects entirely from iPad.

To highlight this capability and have educators, and students, from across the world participate in a global collaborative project, Greg Kulowiec of EdTechTeacher is facilitating the Global Screencasting Project. The scope of the project is the English alphabet, and anyone who would like to participate needs to simply claim a letter of the alphabet by completing the Google Form below.

Global Screencasting Sign-up Google Form

Once a letter has been claimed, participants need to create a 30 second screencast using Explain Everything or Knowmia Teach (on iPad) that captures the meaning, perspective and interpretation of that letter. Explain Everything projects can be shared by uploading to Google Drive (share the file) or Dropbox (share the link to the file). Whether submitting through Google Drive or Dropbox, all content will be sent to
greg (at)

Google Drive Sharing Process:

Dropbox Sharing:

Finally, all of the screencasts will ultimately be merged into one global Alphabet Screencast within Explain Everything on iPad and published online to both YouTube and Vimeo.

If you are using Knowmia Teach to create your screencast, upload it to YouTube and tag the YouTube upload as Creative Commons. This allows the project editor to use the footage in a final product while using the YouTube editing tools from a computer.

The current deadline to participate is March 31st, and three screencasts per letter will be included in the final project. If the letter is available in the sign-up form, it can be claimed for submission into the final project.

To read more about the Global Screencasting Project, please visit Greg’s History 2.0 Classroom blog.

Greg will be discussing iPad collaboration during the EdTechTeacher Summer Workshops as well as the July 28-30 EdTechTeacher Learning Futures Summit.


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