TED Introduces TED-Ed Clubs to Get Kids Talking About Big Ideas

TED recently introduced a new initiative called TED-Ed Clubs. TED-Ed Clubs provide a framework for getting students together on a regular basis to talk about their big ideas. As it is a TED initiative, TED-Ed Clubs have a component for students to deliver TED-style presentations to fellow club members. TED provides club facilitators with a framework and materials for leading students in a collaborative process of developing, sharing, and presenting ideas. In reading through the FAQs about TED-Ed Clubs you might notice some similarities to the Toastmasters concept.

Applications for Education
TED-Ed Clubs can be formed by students, teachers, and school administrators. There is an application that must be completed in order to become an official TED-Ed Club and gain access to the facilitator materials. Of course, you could certainly organize your own “big ideas club” without getting the TED seal of approval. The club environment could provide a comfortable setting for students to practice and develop presentation skills. The club environment could also be a good place for students who tend to prefer to work alone to get practice in collaborating with others on the development of ideas.


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