Now You Can Add Audioboo Recordings to Thinglink Images

Audioboo and Thinglink are two services that I’ve introduced a lot of teachers to over the last couple years.  If you’re unfamiliar with these two tools, Audioboo is a service for creating short audio messages and Thinglink is a tool for creating interactive images. You can now use the two services together. After recording an Audioboo message you can now insert it into a Thinglink image.

Applications for Education
One of the ways that you could use the pairing of Audioboo and Thinglink is to have students create short audio recordings about the people in and circumstances of a famous picture. For example, I might have students create audio recordings about the people in this picture of Lyndon B. Johnson taking the oath of office of President of the United States. Students would then take those recordings and insert them into the picture in Thinglink.

In the video below I demonstrate how to create interactive images in Thinglink. Click here for 73+ examples of using Thinglink in classrooms.


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