Groupiful – Manage Task Lists and Projects With a Group

Groupiful is a new entry into the task management / project management tools market. On Groupiful you can create groups of up to ten members with whom you share task lists, project files, and calendars. Of course, Groupiful contains a messaging system that you can use to exchange notes with and send reminders to group members. Groupiful groups can be private or public. As the creator of a group you can give people permission to post messages for the group or restrict them to only viewing the contents of the task lists and project materials.

Applications for Education
Groupiful could be a good service for high school and college students who are working on group projects with multiple groups. Students can be creators and members of multiple groups. If you are a member of multiple Groupiful groups, when you sign-in you will see all the important information from all groups in a color-coded homepage.

H/T to Life Hacker.


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