Compare the Size of Countries and States With These Map Mash-ups

This morning through Google Maps Mania I found a neat little site called MapFight. MapFight lets you select two U.S. states or two countries to quickly see which one is bigger and by how much. The select states or countries are put into overlays to help you see the size difference. MapFight reminded me of a similar, but more robust tool called OverlapMaps.

Overlap Maps is a free service that can be used to quickly compare the size of countries, states, provinces, and some bodies of water. To create a visual comparison of two countries select one country from the “overlap this” menu and select one country from the “onto this” menu. The comparisons you make are displayed on a map. You can make comparisons from different categories.

Applications for Education
MapFight and Overlap Maps could be a good littles tool to help students can perspective of the relative size of places that they study in their geography lessons.


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